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Primetime Park – Exhibit 7: Field of Dreams

Written by AJ Smith
First and foremost, let’s be crystal clear: this section of Primetime features baseball and softball as equal counterparts. The Field of Dreams experience captures the complete essence of America’s favorite summer pastime. The vibe is so magical; we expect some weird stuff to happen… Yankees & Red Sox fans wandering around holding hands, Dodgers & Giants fans hugging it out, Cardinals & Cubs fans using the same straw. There’s a time and place for heated rivalries, but the Field of Dreams is the great equalizer.

Lay of the land:



The Field of Dreams simply cannot be contained by the Primetime Park dome; so naturally, we’ve built a corresponding Home Run Derby Zone just a short trot from this baseball/softball mecca. Naturally, the experience begins with crushing a meatball over the center field wall, strategically retrieving the ball from a massive, slobbery beast, and running through town to the Field of Dreams. If you don’t follow the reference, you’re killing me Smalls. For guests not keen on the idea of beginning their experience with cardio, you can bypass the chase down and have your name featured in lights while you select your very own walk up song. This writer has thought extensively about the musical masterpiece that would enshrine my moment, and landed on the following: I’ve been travelin’ for some time… (cue chills). What’s your walk up song?! Comment below, faithful followers.

Physical attractions:


Include, but are not limited to:

  • Batting cages for days: Obviously, there are batting cages for days. Fast pitch, slow pitch, and every speed you can imagine. Basically, it’s like you’re hanging out at Sluggers (an iconic Chicago bar stationed directly outside of Wrigley) on steroids.
  • Web gem west end: Head on over to the west end of the Field of Dreams for your opportunity to craft your own highlight reel. Enjoy the homerun robbing experience, the hot corner dive, the Jeter jump throw, and the outfield rope. THESE COULD BE YOU.
  • Pop up show stop: If you’ve been to a Diamondbacks game, you’ve seen brave fans take the field during late-inning breaks to try and corral mile-high pop ups. Now it’s your turn. Careful, these things are icy by the time they land!
  • Double plan parlay center: Think you and a colleague can turn 2 with some razzle dazzle? Bring your best wingman or wing-woman and try it on for size.

Virtual simulations:


Include, but are not limited to:

  • Measuring tape blast zone: Think you can crush a homer over a Major League fence? Here’s your shot. As described in The Golf Trifecta, we’re taking the PGA Superstore mold and applying it to baseball. Choose your Major League park (current or historic), and see if you can clear the Ivy in Wrigley, sneak a bomb around Pesky’s pole in Fenway, or make it splash in Bank One ballpark.
  • Mano y Mano: You know you’ve always wondered, “What if…?” What if you had the opportunity to pitch to your favorite major league slugger? How would you fare against Bryce Harper or Mike Trout? Perhaps even more terrifying, what if you had to step into the box against Aroldis “104 mph” Chapman, Jenny “Just try to hit my underhand fire” Finch, or (throwback alert) Randy Johnson? Lace em’ up and wear a (virtual) cup, if needed – it’s time.
  • The Ultimate Fan Experience: For some of us, traveling to iconic and legendary parks like Wrigley or Fenway may not be in the cards, but if we’re fortunate enough to visit Primetime, it’s the next best thing. The Ultimate Fan Experience simulates the sightlines of these parks by providing an immersive virtual tour. We’re talking about some Total Recall shenanigans right now!
  • You, on steroids: Okay, we’ll admit, this is a bit of a dangerous topic. But come on, it’s been several years! It’s time to have some fun with this! Enter our “Roger, that – Mark, my words – Who needs stocks or Bonds when I have steroids?” Okay, enough of that… just get to our simulator… press a “Steroids” button and play our Home Run Derby simulation. (No kids allowed.)

Competitions & interactive events::


Include, but are not limited to:

  • Ken Griffey Jr. ’98 daily N64 tourney: As described in our Reverse-Retro article, this is one of the best sports video games ever. In fact, this writer learned almost all he knows about baseball from this kind-hearted video game. It deserves to be enshrined in glory forever! Here’s to you Angel Studios.
  • Little League World Series: Hold your horses. We’re not proposing the Little League World Series is ripped away from the deserving people of Williamsport, PA. Rather, we’re suggesting Primetime Park can be the home of regional battle royales en route to Williamsport! No more jumping to conclusions, guys.
  • Minor league ball, collegiate baseball/softball matches: With full sized baseball and softball fields (and their delightful fresh cut grass) just waiting to be graced with their presence; we invite collegiate and professional teams to our Field of Dreams.

Memorials & monuments:


Include, but are not limited to:



This is a no judgment zone. Put on your thinking ball caps and tell us how else we can enhance this baseball/softballer’s paradise in the comments below.

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