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September Movie Preview

Written by Trevor Lightfoot

Good news!  September is loaded with some great movie selections.  From heart pumping action to not-a-dry-eye-in-the-house dramas, this month has you covered.  The Wheelhouse Team has done the dirty work and taken the time to carefully review each and every movie for you.  Okay that’s not exactly true but we DID watch lots and lots of previews to help you pick the best movies to choose.  You’re welcome.

Before you begin on this journey of film exploration, please take a moment to read the quick guide to the Wheelhouse Factory movie grading system:

Wheelhouse Grade What does it all mean for you?
Netflix and Chill Just hold off on this one and save your money
Let’s Go The movie look pretty  good, but not great . . . the best part will probably be the previews.

Ah . . but I do love previews . . .

Feeling This Big Time Date night? Your treat?  Fine . . . we’ll split it.

The Transporter Refueled

Initial Reaction: Since when does Jason Statham have so much hair?

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Let’s Go

The Deets: I get a nittier-grittier James Bond vibe from this movie, maybe he asks for martinis stirred (what a badass). Seriously this preview packs in so many stunts, beautiful women, and fight scenes that it looks like Taken, Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious had a ménage à trois and this movie became the innocent infant caught in a web of a polyamorous love-triangle. Obviously I’m going to see it.

The Visit

Initial Reaction: Do not invite grandpa to a matinee showing . . .

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Netflix and Chill

The Deets: Harmless enough, right? A mom sending her two of kids away for the week to spend time with the grandparents; nothing more than a cute story about bringing families closer together. All is well, except for the fact that grandma appears to be baking cooking harvested from hell itself. Mr. M. Night Shyamalan has some serious making up to do if he’s going to make me a believer again. After Earth, Devil, The Last Airbender, The Happening, and Lady in the Water round out the last five movies from M. Night . . .A collective “Ewwww” from the crowd is heard.

About Ray

Initial Reaction: Does Naomi Watts age?


Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Feeling This Big Time

The Deets: Do I have a massive crush on Naomi Watts? Yes. Do I have unrealistic expectations of meeting her in a crowded coffee shop in which somehow no one else recognizes her and I charmingly sweep her off her feet and we run off together to spend the rest of our lives in bliss? Getting warmer…

Okay, that’s enough . . . note to self: do not allow foolish thoughts of Naomi sway your opinion, do not let Naomi sway your opinion . . .

Back to reality. This movie looks incredible. Goosebumps were bumping for about 90% of that preview. Elle Fanning is a great young actress with just the right combination of toughness, sensitivity, and that all-important “it” factor to make this one hell of a story.

Sleep With Other People

Initial Reaction: Are you a terrible person? We should date.

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Let’s Go

The Deets: Two people addicted to sex . . . with a track record for recklessly ruining and all previous relationships . . . somehow getting involved with each other . . . despite plentiful amounts of emotional instability and possible drug addiction. This will end . . . terribly. At least the cast is great with Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie running point! I expect to leave the theater with some good laughs and slight arousal.


Initial Reaction: I’ll just do the Stairmaster for a few instead.

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: LET’S F#%$ING GO!

The Deets: This movie looks amazing.   A gigantic mountain versus a group of climbers versus Mother Nature. You can’t beat it. The visual effects from the preview alone are enough to get you absolutely amped to see this. Also, this movie has the coolest poster for a movie in recent memory, just sayin’.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Initial Reaction: Popcorn . . . Soda . . . Red Vines . . . Can’t wait.

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Let’s Go

The Deets: Maze Runner was a drastically underrated movie. I, like most others, didn’t see it until it was available on Apple TV for four-bucks. So what does the sequel offer? Lord Baelish putting his Littlefinger of an action flick, a bunch of teens just killin’ it in a dystopian land, and zombies. Say no more! You had me at Littlefinger.

Black Mass

Initial Reaction: They make the life of crime look so cool . . . tempted to be rebellious and put soda in my water cup next time I go to restaurant . . . shh

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: LET’S F#%$ING GO!

The Deets: Welcome back Johnny! Mr. Cumberbatch, looking good as per usual.

I’m a sucker for basically any gangster-mob related movies, so this should come as no surprise that I’m freaking PUMPED for Black Mass. There’s no question that this is one of the best previews of the September movie lineup. From the action packed shots to the perfect Yelawolf song choice, this preview has me convinced this is a “must see”.


Initial Reaction: Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin. Are you not entertained?!

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Let’s Go

The Deets: How often can an actress pull of the passive aggressive and absolutely hilarious assistant (Devil Wears Prada) and then turn around and the gun-wielding, super-jacked action-hero chick (Edge of Tomorrow)? Not that often, right? This movie looks great. Powerful cast, interesting storyline, and top-tier director. Sign me up!

The only, and I mean ONLY, bugaboo I have is that the last time Blunt and Del Toro were in a flick together lets just say it did not go well . . . couch-Wolfman-cough-what the hell were you guys thinking?-cough.


Initial Reaction: Goose bumps, followed by tears, shortly followed by more goose bumps

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Feeling This Big Time

The Deets: A story that simply needs not just told, but yelled with conviction from the rooftops.

Mississippi Grind

Initial Reaction: All in. (I know, so corny)

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: LET’S F#%$ING GO!

The Deets: What’s that you say? This movie is already out? Technically the official limited theater release date isn’t until September, even though the film has been available online since mid-August. So there!

I know, I know . . . Ryan Reynolds has basically been on a career long cold streak. But the times, they-are-a-changin’! This movie looks at the powerful destruction of addiction and more importantly, the enabling of addiction. Can’t wait to see it.

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