Primetime Park – Exhibit 11: Touchdown Arena

Written by Trevor Lightfoot
Hut . . Hut. HIKE! That’s the sound of the ball snapping to quarterback and the sudden trigger of the organized chaos between those who are crazy enough to battle on the gridiron. At Primetime Park we’ve given special attention to offering our visitors a once in a lifetime football experience. This is a perpetual “game-on” zone of never-ending football folly. Put on the helmet, don’t forget your moth guard, and get ready for one hell of a ride.

First Down – Lay of the land:

Every Primetime Park visitor enters Touchdown Arena the same way, through the locker room. Pick a locker, put on your right size ready-made gear, and get psyched to sprint onto the field by watching a hologram speech by one of our favorite head coaches. It could be Vince Lombardi, Bruce Arians, or even Coach Bill Yost from Remember the Titans.

Second Down – Physical Attractions:


Include, but are not limited to:

  1. What a Catch: Sometimes football players are able to make catches that force the audience to pause and question whether or not what we witnessed could have happened in real life. These are the plays that leave us in shock, leave us with bruised palms from hyper-aggressive high-fiving, and are single-handedly responsibly for the reason instant replay is a sports-necessity. Now you have the chance to make a remarkable football reception that either mirrors one of your favorite all-time catches or is your own creation! What’s that you say? You’re not athletic enough to pull off a spectacular Odell Beckham Jr.-esque type of catch? Trust us . . . we got you, fam! With a hefty dose of foam pit areas scattered throughout the field, trampolines allowing you to launch into any area of the field, and on field you to all but defy gravity
  2. The Game Changer: Primetime Park is the only place in the world where visitors can experience what it is really like to play football in absurd conditions. Players will have to battle sub-zero temperatures, obnoxiously loud crowds, crazy winds, and a plethora of other game changing factors.
  3. Pick-up Football: Primetime offers a variety of classic pick-up football games for all skill levels and ages such as 2-Hand Touch or Flag Football.
  4. The Combine: Sprint the 40 yard dash, take the Wonderlik Test, or try our any of our other challenges found inside the Combine Gym.


Third Down – Virtual Simulations:


Include, but are not limited to:

  1. Position Decision: Football is unique in that there are literally dozens of positions you could play. Test yourself and see if you can master the awareness of a safety, the speed of a cornerback, or the brute strength of an O-Linemen by stepping into the Primetime’s Playmaker Creator.
  2. NFL Blitz 2000 Recharge. We know you loved this game growing up, now experience the magic of NFL Blitz with better graphics, improved skill moves, and more ridiculous features such as players catching on fire, throwing 100 yards on a single play, and WWE style tackling.
  3. Madden Zone: Over 150 playing stations complete with state of the art graphic and quad-monitor viewing allow you to play friends, family, or some poor sap online. Enjoy!


Fourth Down – Competitions & Interactive Events::


Include, but are not limited to:


  1. 500: The classic game is given new life at Primetime Park. Our “Perfect Throw” machine launch flawless spiral passes anywhere from 10-80 year where contestant will have to battle to catch a ball with unique point values. First competitor to 500 points wins two 50 yard line tickets to the football game of their choice
  2. Quarterback Gauntlet: How tough is it to be a quarterback in the NFL? Get a taste for just how accurate the best of the best need to be in order to be successful in this league by going through the Primetime Quarterback Gauntlet. The course is filled with throws that will require pin-point accuracy and surprise obstacles that will force you to think quickly, otherwise you’ll be as good as sacked.
  3. Madden Tournament: The top ranked Madden players in the world will gather at the Primetime Park Madden Zone for a chance to claim a prize greater than the victory on the Price is Right, nailing the Final Jeopardy question, and figuring out the Wheel of Fortune phrase after just two letters. Yes, we are talking about the chance to be names THE TOP MADDEN PLAYER IN THE WORLD.
  4. Field Goal Challenge: Test your leg and see how far you can make a real NFL field goal. Oh by the way, for the more advanced kickers, we also have a moving field goal in case you want to get a little crazy.


TOUCHDOWN – Memorials & Monuments:


Include, but are not limited to:


  1. The Play: Step into our Football Lounge, take a load off, order a brewski, and enjoy some the NFL’s most classic games the way they were meant to be watched . . . on gigantic high-definition televisions.
  2. Banners/Fatheads for days: How big do you want to see Marshawn Lynch’s face?
  3. An ode to body control: ESPN Sport’s Science style dive into the best of the best when it comes to catches, throws, kicks, celebration, etc.


This is a no judgment zone. Put on your thinking jerseys and tell us how else we can enhance this ballplayers’ paradise in the comments below.

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