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October Movie Preview

Written by Trevor Lightfoot

Written By: Trevor Lightfoot @TrevorLightfoot

Welcome to the Wheelhouse Factory October movie preview!  This is certainly shaping up to be quite a nice few weeks of upcoming movie releases.  Now, we know it can be difficult sometimes to pinpoint that perfect movie to see.  Sometimes you want a solid comedy, other times a good action flick does the trick, and sometimes you just wants a good cry.  We get it.  That’s why we have done all of the hard work for you, well it wasn’t that hard, we just watched previews . . . Erroneous I say!  We’ve taken the liberty to create this guide for you to give you the best chance to pick the right movie for you.  Please enjoy!

Before you begin on this journey of film exploration, please take a moment to read the quick guide to the Wheelhouse Factory movie grading system:

Wheelhouse Grade What does it all mean for you?
Netflix and Chill Just hold off on this one and save your money
Let’s Go The movie look pretty  good, but not great . . . the best part will probably be the previews.

Ah . . but I do love previews . . .

Feeling This Big Time Date night? Your treat?  Fine . . . we’ll split it.

The Martian

Initial Reaction: Something really similar happened to me recently, except I got lost on the way home from a night out on the town. But still, there was a rescue mission involved in the form of a burrito so it’s basically the same thing.

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: LET’S F#%$ING GO!

The Deets: So my major take away from this preview was that multi-talented botanist/scientist/bad-ass Mark Watney gets stranded during an in the near future mission to Mars and somehow has to  miraculously get home.  Not only that but space fires, potatoes, and crazy duct tape is involved?  Yes…absolutely…no questions asked…I will see this movie.


Initial Reaction: You ever watch a preview and walk away feeling like you know how the entire movie plays out?

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Netflix and Chill

The Deets: The classic story of Peter Pan told from a slightly different perspective. I feel as though a huge and potentially awesome (or terrible) opportunity was missed by not taking things up a notch and allowing Hugh Jackman’s Hook performance to include some element of Wolverine.

The Walk

Initial Reaction: Wasn’t this a documentary I saw a couple years ago?

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Feeling This Big Time

The Deets: Each morning I desperately struggle to walk from my bed to the restroom without running into a piece of furniture, wall, or cat and this guy wants to walk across two gigantic towers on a wire?  After watching this preview I am one hundred percent in and here’s why. This movie definitely has that rare “may actually be better in IMAX” quality to it and you cannot miss an opportunity like that.  Even if it’s not worth the extra few bucks in terms of visual effects, at the very least you get to see the man, myth, and legend that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt on an even larger silver screen. In all seriousness, this movie appears as though it is made with breathtaking visuals, fantastic storytelling, and superb acting.

Steve Jobs

Initial Reaction: Thank god Ashton Kutcher does not make an appearance.

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Feeling This Big Time

The Deets: A film created by a team that is not afraid to tell the true story behind the Apple Empire led by an actor who can laudably portray the complexity and wrath of Steve Jobs. It’s a no brainer to see this movie.


Initial Reaction: So did R. L. Stein know that the monsters in the stories he wrote turned into real beasts? And if so, why did he keep writing those damn books? How did he trap them in the books in the first place? So many questions I need answered.

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Feeling This Big Time

The Deets: I loved the Goosebumps books growing up. There I said it, and I’m not ashamed of it.  Please move on to the next section because at this point all decision-making abilities have been cast to the side because nostalgia and a secret desire to return to childhood have taken over. MUST SEE GOOSEBUMPS . . . MUST SEE GOOSEBUMPS . . . am I possessed? What is happening to me? . . . MUST SEE GOOSEBUMPS . . . MUST SEE GOOSEBUMPS . . .

Bridge of Spies

Initial Reaction: Spielberg and Hank at it again? Count me in.

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Feeling This Big Time

The Deets: The story of an insurance lawyer thrust into the world spies. This movie looks fantastic for two reasons. First and foremost, I basically trust Tom Hanks to make a movie about me brushing my teeth into something absolutely riveting. Give him a story about fighting for equality and standing up for what is right during a time in which fear often took over sound reasoning and you got yourself something special. Reason number two, one of my dreams is to get recruited by the CIA for a secret mission; however the mission I envision involves more cheeseburgers and fewer guns.


Initial Reaction: Brie Larson is just killin’ it lately, right?

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: LET’S F#%$ING GO!

The Deets: You may be surprised by the grade, but this movie looks incredible. This is a story about the unwavering hope of a women held in captivity, trapped by four simple walls and one window. A story about a mother who will stop at nothing to find a way for her son to escape. A story about the intricate and almost unthinkable relationship between captive and captor. Perhaps the most interesting element of this story is the idea of what happens after the escape? And for a child who has spent his entire life in a single room, how will he manage discovering the world that was previously denied to him?

Jem and the Holograms

Initial Reaction: I can’t even.

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Netflix and Chill

The Deets: This movie feel like a horrible concoction of three parts Rock Star, two parts Wall-E (does that little robot not remind you of EVE just a little bit?), and five parts Cheetah Girls.

The Last Witch Hunter

Initial Reaction: It was uncomfortably strange seeing Vin Diesel with hair for a brief moment there.

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Let’s Go

The Deets: The classic tale of a man going bald while fighting evil beings from a mystical world of witch queens and monsters who want nothing more than to destroy all of humanity.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Initial Reaction: I hate that zombie cat so much.

Wheelhouse Factory Movie Grade: Let’s Go

The Deets: You go out for a night on the town and think you’re going to have the time of your life and then everyone turns into a zombie. This movie looks predictable and obviously ridiculous but funny and creative enough to make it worth your time if you enjoyed movies like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead.

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